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At Flawless Botanics we list the best health, beauty and household items for busy people who want good recommendations that save them time and money when figuring out what to buy. If you're looking for hair care, skin care, kitchenware or smart gadgets, we help you make informed choices easily by sharing our opinions of what's best and why.

We are independent and our recommendations are take into account what we believe are the best product choices for most people. We aim to provide you with a curated list of practical, proven and available products that we believe will make your life easier. Think of us as a trusted friend who does the sifting of a wide range of products to bring you the best of what's on offer.

Our product recommendations are made on the basis of a number of factors which in our eyes make a product a best in category choice; product features, quality and real, existing reviews and feedback from buyers all over the United States of America. We only promote products based on their merit, we do not include products in our recommendations purely because of commissions.

If our readers choose to purchase the products that we recommend as a result of our reviews then we are often, but not always, supported via affiliate commission from the recommended retailer. Products which are returned to the retailer after purchase do not earn us a commission, so we have no interest in recommending poor quality products on this website.

With this in mind, we believe our reviews are fair, unbiased and keep the interests of our readers as a priority. Our most important relationship is with you, our reader, and we hope to continue to serve you with great content and reviews to help you make informed product purchases in future.


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